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Online Traffic Driving vs. Lead Generation

Want more visitors? So, you have a website and perhaps you have some visitors but you want more. I know that I always want more visitor to show up on the sites that I manage online marketing for.

Basics of Traffic and Lead Gen – Use traffic to gain awareness. Use lead gen to obtain leads. You do have to use traffic to get your visitors to convert to leads but your traffic driving is different.

Online Traffic Driving – If you are out to get more traffic then make sure that your goals are in place first. Why are you going after more traffic? For example if you want people to become more aware of a product or service that is available online that is very different than driving traffic for something that is only available offline. Take fo instance shopping for a new home. You can’t go out and buy a new home online except on a few sites that take the fun and real experience out of the home buying process. But over all just make sure to establish you online traffic driving goals. Here are a few items to consider when setting your traffic driving goals.

  • Are you driving traffic to make people aware of a product or service?
  • Is the product or service available online or offline?
  • How do people reach your site currently?
  • Has any online traffic driving activity been used with success in the past?
  • How are your competitors driving traffic to their site?

Lead Generation – As mentioned above you do need to use traffic to have leads convert so you do use traffic driving activities but you approach to the potential leads needs to have the end result in mind the entire time. Just as in the above questions we were establishing the way in which you were going to approach your potential traffic we have to duplicate that process for these visitors. We want to make sure that our approach is all about giving them enough information that they want more and give us their information so that they become a lead. – Online Strategy

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I am online marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. After creating many websites and blogs for personal and professional use I thought that it was about time for me to start one that covered what I do, online marketing strategy.

Throughout my years in online marketing I have reached out to grow my professional network and learn as much as possible about the different strategies that companies use to have a successful online presence. This research has lead me to one conclusion. Not many people know what they are doing and those that do are far and few in between. This brings us to the reason for and its content of online marketing strategy.

I hope that you find my thoughts on online strategy helpful.