Speed of Social Media

If you want to know the impact of social media then you should really look at the speed with which it can impact your business or your personal activities. I was recently at a conference and as usual my laptop was open and Twhirl was standing at the ready to let others know my thoughts and experiences of the information being covered.

As I sat in my seat listening to information on Green Marketing I noted a comment about when Green will go mainstream. A few seconds went by and I noticed someone a few rows up that ended up on my Twitter page. During the next break I spoke to @springnet who turned out to be the social media expert that was going to be presenting during one of the following sessions. One of the examples of social media was concerning the growing impact of Twitter and microblogging PR tools. At this point I became part of his presentation and was able to interact with the audience through his presentation.

I went from part of the audience to being covered in a presentation in a matter of minutes. This may not have had a business impact but during the course of the presentation several other companies signed on to Twitter for the first time and others in the days following. Most are stilling trying to figure it our a bit more but eventually they’ll come to a strategy.