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Rogue Marketers – Everyone Thinks They Are In Marketing

Do you have Rogue Marketers in your organization?

Without sounding like an evil tyrant that wants to crush anything outside the corporate standards it is important to know if you have people speaking for the company or coming across as if they are speaking for the company online. If you take a look at your webstats you might be able to uncover some of these people as they drive traffic to your corporate site while others are hiding out.

Corporate standards are important whether dealing with on or offline marketing. When someone is out there on their Myspace page telling people that they work for your company while putting unprofessional pics of themselves on the page containing info on your company it can hurt your brand. I recently took a look at the stats for a company and realized that one of the larger referrers to the site was someones Myspace page. This caused me to take a look at the page and it looked fine but others that I found after this were not so flattering.

How to handle Rogue Marketers.

Before you begin to deal with these individuals it is important to make sure that you have your plan together. Begin by approaching the overall issue of why they are taking the actions that they are taking. Why are they creating their Myspace page(For Example)? Is there something that the company’s corporate online presence isn’t doing for them as an employee or the customer? Are their actions online more related to their personal activity that just happens to coincide with some mentions of their professional life?

Once you have established why they are doing what they are doing you know how to formulate your plan. If you found that something is lacking in your corporate presence then you know what to do. No matter what it is time to lay down the rules of engagement for employees.