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Immediacy of Online Product Launches

When planning an online product launch its is important to keep in mind that your pages are continuously being indexed. This means that as soon as you publish a page that is publicly accessible that isn’t even part of the navigation yet may start to show up in search engines. And one other consideration is a custom spider meant to track changes to sites and crawl for new pages that may lead to information being released ahead of time.

A few items to consider about online product launches:

  • Only launch unannounced product pages when the product launches
  • Consider the impact of products launching a different times in different countries


Content Audits

Sometimes it becomes necessary to gain a full understanding of the content that exists on your site. Being that a website can become a living being growing and evolving the content can change over time and a periodic content audit can assist.

I just completed the requirements for auditing after a rather long process of evaluating every type of content on the site as well as all possible subjects of that content. This can take some time. I ended up with the following list of areas to capture about the content.

  • URL
  • Page Type
  • Product Type
  • Brand/Category
  • Model
  • Content Type
  • Subject Type
  • Content

In the future a gap analysis can be performed to know what has changed and where to look to update the audit.