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Protecting Against Stolen Passwords After The Fact

What should you do to protect yourself in case your password is part of the Russian gangs 1.6 billion passwords that were stolen?

  1. Update your anti-virus and malware protection
  2. Change your passwords

If you change your password without updating or installing protection and removing any infections from your computer then you will just be telling the criminals what your new password is and they will have even more confidence in taking advantage of you.

Two great options for protecting your self are below but I should note that any layer of protection is just that, a layer of protection.  There are no absolutes in protection and if you don’t keep them up to date then you will be at risk.

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Banking App Launch Plan

FI App
FI App

What goes in to an app launch plan for a financial institution?

The awareness campaign for the new app involves the touch points below:

  • In Branch – Flyer, Poster and Digital Signage
  • Website – Merchandising throughout the site as well as on landing pages
  • Email Marketing – Email targeting existing app users as well as promo banners in other emails
  • Social Media – Mentions of the new app across social media
  • Online Banking – Merchandised in banners across online banking
  • Old App (Current App) – Banner in the old app

Travel Aggregator App, Tripcase

Tripcase App
Tripcase App

If you are looking for a new travel app check out Tripcase.

Pull all of your travel plans in one place.

TripCase takes the stress out of travel

Ever have one of those travel days? You know the one. You drop your travel folder and sheets of paper go flying. You can’t remember your gate assignment and almost miss your flight. Thankfully, your flight’s been delayed. By three hours. Ugh.

Immediacy of Online Product Launches

When planning an online product launch its is important to keep in mind that your pages are continuously being indexed. This means that as soon as you publish a page that is publicly accessible that isn’t even part of the navigation yet may start to show up in search engines. And one other consideration is a custom spider meant to track changes to sites and crawl for new pages that may lead to information being released ahead of time.

A few items to consider about online product launches:

  • Only launch unannounced product pages when the product launches
  • Consider the impact of products launching a different times in different countries


Always Be Testing

If you aren’t testing your site on a continual basis to determine the up to the minute optimal layout and experience your missing out.  Some main areas to focus on are:

  • Content – Content can be a great start.  Make sure that you are targeting your content to the needs of your customer.  Trying out different niche content can deliver a quick win and may provide better results than generic content.
  • Layout – Prioritized placement and emphasis of items on a page should be evaluated to determine the optimal layout for your customer.
  • Creative – Creative can change the initial reaction that your customer has to a site.